The Posture Pump® Disc Rehydrator is a simple-to-use device for eliminating common cases of back and neck pain.

  • It works by mechanically expanding and re-hydrating your spinal discs.
  • As your thin, bulging discs expand, nutrient and oxygen-rich blood is drawn into them.
  • Healthier discs lead to less pain and better movement!

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Regular Posture Pump® Use = Better Posture, Less Pain & More Flexibility!
Poor posture over decades slowly forces fluids out of your discs, leading to spinal decay and nerve impingement. The Posture Pump® reduces pressure from discs and rehydrates.
Patient Testimonials

"It worked for me! My constant headaches are gone and the numbness I had in my right index finger went away with my first use!I have spent alot of money on massage, chiropractic and myiofascial release sessions-each time the relief was short-lived. The results with this equipment lasts alot longer. This was money well spent." ~ C. Gem, USA


"From the first time I used this, as my chiropractor's office, my neck has felt better than ever. I've had chronic neck problems for more than 30 years, and this is the first thing that has made a lasting and significant difference. I notice more blood flow to my head, and I feel clearer the whole day through. I sit, stand and walk more comfortably. I feel taller. My neck is improving noticably day by day." ~ Naomi G., Sunrise, CA


"You must use the device every day to completely stretch the neck vertebrae after a hot shower. There is no pain now, again NO PAIN ! The Doctor that designed this knows what they are doing ! I strongly recommend this product to get your life back. I hope this review will help you because I know just how bad a condition like this can be." ~ Raymond F., USA


I bought this out of desperation and was skeptical but was very pleasantly surprised with the results. After several months of bad neck pain with tingling in arms all the way down to index and middle fingers, and after 10 or so visits to chiropractor (who by symptoms felt I must have a bulging disc in neck), and after several months of home traction using a towel hanging from door, icing neck twice a day, etc, this was only thing which really seemed to work. ~ Alan T., Kihei, HI USA


"I have suffered from neck pain; upper back/shoulder pain and stiffness for over 25 years since a whiplash injury. My cervical spine has also lost the natural curve and has been starting to curve the other way. This has led to almost incapacitating headaches. My chiropractor introduced me to this product and for the first time in years I am going for hours without a headache. This product has truly been amazing for me!" ~ Renea K, Iowa

DO NOT USE if you have severe spinal degenerative disease or complicating factors such as surgical hardware, osteoporosis, arthritis, fused vertebrae, cancer, aneurysm, aortic aneurysm, cardiovascular disease, high stroke risk, or any other condition that puts you at greater risk of adverse events.



(Posture Pump® PentaVec™ Model 2500)

Provides controlled disc expansion and more intense spinal traction to relieve pressure in the lumbar spine.

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